Why we reachout

If we must stand a chance against COVID 19, we must stand as an Army of one

We are at war against a virtual enemy.

in a pre battle speech, a General of the U.S Army spoke to his troops  

“Y{our] mission is to win our wars. You are the ones who are trained to fight. Yours is the professsion of arms, the will to win, the sure knowledge that in war there is no substitute for victory; that if you lose, the nation will be destroyed”…

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The Enemy is COVID - The Soldier is You

Make no mistakes about it, this enemy is an enemy to all, it Is lethal viral and common to us all. Unlike the rules of war engagement where civilians are spared, this enemy makes no exception of  the masses nor front liners (healthcare experts) , political, business or religious leaders.

“Therefore, irrespective of who you are, we must all rise up as an allied force reliant on the richness of our diversity in discipline, expertise, resources, knowledge, intellect  courage, faith, hope and a good will as we stand an ‘ARMY OF ONE’.

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The Medical Mission

Our mission is one and clear.

We collaboratively move into the Nigeria healthcare space to improve access, quality and affordability of care.

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Our Focus

We are motivated to do what we do, not only because of the pandemic, but also because of the need to 

  1. improve the quality of life and the state of our health care systems in the immediate and after COVID 19 to keep the risk of exposure to the contagion low.
  2. Ensure we all (as many as possible) come out alive and stay mentally and physically well. 
  3. Help people comply with recommendation to stay away from hospital visits. whilst we ensure they are not deprived of access to care.
  4. Improve remote access to variety of care  providers especially in a time where visits and referals to care facilities may be frightening and risky .
  5. We are also focused on providing access to affordable care. 
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The Conundrum of the Pandemic

With COVID 19, even enemies are compelled to wish their worst enemies well, because a forty-five-minute passenger flight between National borders is adequately sufficient to effect a whole nation.

Similarly, the inability of locals to access or afford basic needs like healthcare is enough to keep us all locked down. It gives a bitter sweet feeling. Its pain to be deprived of freedom, perhaps it’s also beauty to know that we are involuntarily obligated to care about the wellbeing of others, especially if we must restore our live to the norm or better.





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